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Supplies and Preparation


When you first call, I will do my best to answer all your questions. If  I'm asked to do the Bris,  I will send you a letter with important information,  a very short list of supplies to provide  (basically  petroleum jelly, Polysporin, and gauze pads), and a consent form. If your pediatrician authorizes a topical anesthetic, I will apply it prior to the Bris.

After the baby has been born please contact me as reasonably soon after delivery as possible . (I seldom know where I will be more than a week in advance).

My favorite story?  A new mother called 20 minutes after her son was born, from the delivery room. I asked her for the information I needed to proceed and suggested she get as much rest as possible.  She said she needed to make one more call-to let her mother know the baby was born! 

 I will also make an appointment to visit with you when you get home from the hospital in order to examine the baby and go over the details of the Bris ceremony. After the Bris I will return again to examine the baby, give you a Bris certificate, and provide written instruction for the aftercare. The Bris certificate is an important document and should be kept with all other important papers.

The only form to complete is the consent which I will ask you to sign at the pre-Bris meeting. Below are some questions you should consider prior to our meeting:

  1. What will be the baby's Hebrew name?
  2. What are Mom’s and Dad’s Hebrew names (if you know them)?
  3. Who will receive the honors of bringing the baby in and out of the room, giving him wine or grape juice, and holding him during the naming ceremony?
  4. Is the baby named after someone?  If so, whom,?  What do you want to say, if anything, to your guests about why the baby’s names (Hebrew and English) were chosen?

Any other information that is needed can be provided at our pre-Bris  meeting.

Cantor Larry Elsberg, Mohel
847-845-2112 or 847-480-1999
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